Gamefaqs Offline Reader 1.1

Version 1.1
- Improved Search
- Fixed problem with strange HTML Chars
- More Responsive Search and Document Loading

Thanks for the feedback guys!


R.Nav said...

Do you know of a host for the app that isn't the android marketplace? I was hoping to see if this was compatible with my rooted nook. A gamefaqs viewer would be the perfect addition to my nook as Gamefaqs doesn't have a mobile/slimed down version of the site.

Markus said...

I'm also wondering if it's possible to find this on some other place than the market. It's not availible on market here (Sweden, using HTC wildfire) so I cannot download it.

Cosme Zamudio said...

give me your emal and i will send it to you.

Markus said...

hey again.

sorry for not checking for updates in the comments, I thought I would recieve an automatic email once you replied, but it seems that wasn't the case.

I would love a copy of the app, so if you could send it to I would be very grateful :)

also please delete this comment once you've read it, or atleast censor the email adress.

thanks a lot

R.Nav said...

Ah yes. I lost this link for a while and didn't check back in a timely fashion to see your reply.

I would be happy if you were to e-mail it to me.
calivera @ sbcglobal . net

Paul Gerard said...

Hello please could you post this app somewhere i cant get it off of the market and would love to try it looks cool


Muad'Dib said...

I can't download your app in the market, says it's incompatible to my HTC wildfire. Since I am a android programmer wannabee, I was planning in making a gamefaqs viewer when I found your app. I would love to get a copy of your app, or, if you don't mind, the code.

My email it tiagoknoch at gmail dot com.

Jonathan Haskins said...

I would also like a copy of this app. I had it previously on my galaxy but I lost all of my apps recently. this is one I really want and for some reason can't find anywhere to d/l it. My email is

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